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Buzznet Exclusive: Interview & "Suddenly" Remix Premiere with Dalal

gabbiebrown Jan 20, 2015

Buzznet, today I want to showcase a new talent, and her name is Dalal. This girl is invovled in all aspects of the music & entertainent industry, something I admire. Check out my interview with the Austria-Native, and listen to her new remix for "Suddenly"- it's magical.

Gabbie: You have a lot of titles under your belt (singer, songwriter, actress, moel, special effects artist). Which do you think you connect the best with?

Dalal: I'm not sure, I think I'm a little bit of everything. Music is definitely my # 1 closely followed by Acting and Film. When I write, I always have a visual idea of it. When I act, I always have music in mind for the rhythm and the emotions :D

Gabbie: Musically, a lot of those titles go hand-hand. Do you feel like this has helped you have full control over how you want Dalal to come across.

Dalal: Yes, I do think it helped me on my way! I can oversee many aspects of my business and I know what I want! But, I belive the more you know, the better of an overview you have :). 

Gabbie: You're finishing up your debut album. A really exciting time in an artist life. Were you taken back by anything while creating this record?

Dalal: It's definitely a roller coaster time. I experienced moments when it became clear to me how much I love music... how much it guided me. I went through an emotional up and down in the last few year. I had carbon monoxide poisoning mid of 2012 that took me out for more than half-a-year. I was writting a lot during this time, I moved around a lot, worked myself to pieces and took great risks. I left my team and built a new one. I started working on my frist novel and really immersed myself into soundtrack writitng. I also started writting poetry again. I'ma dreamer, I'm a romantic. 

Gabbie: Will your album feature songs you've had written for a while, or completely new stuff?

Dalal: I feature a lot of new tracks and recording, but there are one, or two songs that I had written a long time ago. But, feelings are timeless and if an idea/ song is good, it's good.

Gabbie: How has recording your debut album change your perspective on music?

Dalal: A lot. Many people say many things and it's important to listen to yourself when everything becomes too loud. It also has reconnected me with the very frist feeling i got when I would listen to music as a little kid, when I first started writting; the fun, the excitement, the absolute adoration and the onslaught of emotions you get.

Gabbie: We're premiering your, "Suddenly" remix by Nate "Impact" Jolley on Buzznet today. The remix almost adds this element of mystery to the track. You're almost wondering what's going to happen next, which is awesome. 

Dalal: Thank you! Yes, I love working with Nate! He's a musician first and foremost and it's great to be able to bounce ideads back-and-fourth with him. 

Gabbie: A lot of times remix's take-away from the song, but it fits perfectly & enchanes the, "dreamy, romantic, rhythm and soul" vibe you describe your voice adds.

Dalal: I'm so happy you think so! At the core, suddenly is a very intimate song, something personal that's been carried outside. A quiet thought heard by everyone.


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Death To My Non-Existent Ego


Buzznet Exclusive: His Dream Of Lions

Death To My Non-Existent Ego

gabbiebrown Dec 17, 2014

I encourage you to travel. I've spent the past 4 months just doing that. Some for work, some for personal. Traveling opens your eyes. After spending A LOT of time in California, I realized.....It's not for me.

I realized that I wanted to live in a city that feels homey, filled with dreamers, and a place where I feel like a better person. It could be Nashville, it could not be Nashville. I don't think you fully know where you feel at home until you spend a lot of time there. I know Las Vegas is not home for me. 

A few weekeneds ago, I spent some time in Nashville- My favorite city. I rented a house, spent time eating, shopping, and digging deep into the city. At the end of the year, this trip opened my eyes more than ever. 

I mentioned in a previous blog that this year has been a battle against fear, and a journey towards bravey. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that I spent most of my time being scared of a zillion and one different things. Ignoring a big lump in my throat. Feeling like life was just laughing at me in a room filled with glass walls. 

I was afraid of losing people I truthfully cared about. i was afraid of not being able to do what I loved. I was afraid of settlilng. And I was never one to settle. 

You see, we all have this vision for life whether we choose to admit it or not. We have an age we want to get married by, the perfect career, what our house is going to look like, kids, etc. There's a list we're trying to get things checked off 365 days a year. Mine might be more over the top then most, but I panic when I can't cross things off in a certain amount time. Maybe that's why some people settle? They can't handel their own panic button. 

I can't tell you how many people I saw walk out of my life this year. Not because of bad blood or anything- they just left. How shitty of a person do you feel when the people you care the most about and would do anything for, just stop talking to you- for no reason. I saw this quote that said, "You're growning up when you start losing friends". Is that true? Are we just growing up and our lives are no longer crossing due to this? I often wonder how some people keep friends for 10 years. Are those people not growing up? How do you keep a friendship going when you feel both parties are going seperate ways due to life? Will they circle back around 5 years down the road?

On a Monday I got an email from someone I hadn't heard from in a long time. "Are you going to be in L.A on Wednesday?" That's all it said. 2 hours later he was calling my phone. His number wasn't the same. I answered it as I got into an elevator headed to watch some friends play. It was so weird to hear his voice, something I had missed deeply. He was filling me in on something he needed me for because he got a new gig. I was trying to un-parallel parked and I got a laugh from him once I told him what I was trying to do. I couldn't remember the last time I had made him laugh- it had been so long. He kept repeating "I meant to call you earlier a few weeks ago" and all I kept thinking was, "No, we haven't talked. I don't get the option of this anymore."

When it ended, I don't think it had an ending, it was many months later and it was due to me hitting the unfollow, followed by the block button. I recieved a text an hour later asking why I unfollowed, he said he'd call to talk, never did. So I realized that this was the end of not only our friendship, but the end of everything we once stood for. The respect was never there, and for that, I knew I needed out, as much as I hated that. I mean, there's only so much you can take when you watch him walk out with another girl right in front of you. 

As much as I would like to think I've crossed the hurdle of moving on, I haven't. I couldn't tell you why, but I can tell you that I've never felt more stupid (does that make sense?) in my entrie life. This guy that I cared for a lot, just emotionally drained me. I hadn't talked about it in a really long time, but here I was two days earlier crying in Nashville, which I haven't done ever!


I've never shed a tear, but something in me just made me break down for the first time. I think I finally realized and was ready to admit, "He hurt me". Because for girls in today's world, that's a sign of weakness.

I wanted so badly to be that girl who was just like "He fucked me over, who cares!", but I wasn't. I thought if he didn't care what he did, I shouldn't care either. He's moved on and maybe that's why I was ready to admit it. We're not the same people anymore, as much as I hate it- it's true. He's settling-something he wasn't one to do either. 

In my short life, there's always been two people who were it for me. The one mentioned above, and the one below.

Another Question: How many great loves do we get? 

(Editors Note: That four letter word makes me want to vomit!)

If you ask anyone who is close to me, they'll tell you Gabbie's only cared for two people ever- and they've both fucked her over. 

I visited the first person-I might of ever cared for while I was in Nashville. He's my best friend and someone I carely deeply about. We've always been on and off, but it's like this secret thing that nobody but us know about. But, everybody knows. He's the type of person who says a million and one things, but when it comes down to it, he freaks.

Well, here I was sitting in his brand new house with his dog (who I actually adored more than him) listening to him talk about life. This is what I wanted more than anything. Then the words "I've grown up a lot in the past 4 years" came out of his mouth. Here I was in panic mode, this is where our whatever you want to call it relaitonship actually ends. Nope, not yet. He showed me around his house and drove me back to my little place. We sat in his car in my driveway for probably 10 minutes- just talking and staring at each other. He made a joke saying call him if I was going to New York soon and he would go. I of course responsed so sassy "You don't answer your phone anyways". And he looked at me, looked away and said- "I might of blocked your number" and he looked at me searching for an answer. All I managed to get out was, "Oh, reallly". He stated that he needed space, because apparently us texting, facetiming, and other things was too much to handle, when I'm never in his city. Basically- "It's hard to see you, but never actually see you, but even harder when you com to visit and you just leave.

You see, we both probably care for each other more than we will ever actually admit. I was scared of losing him, because truthfully- he means the world to me. It would be weird not to have in my life as he's been there for the past almost 4 years. I didn't care if we never were a thing ever again, I cared a lot about our friendship more than ever. I told a few people about this encounter and all they said was "Maybe he's afraid of holding you back, he always says he wants to be with you, but freaks when you're actually in person." 

This is something I hear all the the time. Why does everyone who has even been in my life feel like they're going to hold me back. I'm 22 and can make my own decisions when it comes to life. I have huge dreams that I'm slowly crossing off one by one, and just because you're in my life, doesn't mean you're going to stop me from doing so. Maybe because of this, I'm seen as "unattainable". Unattainable because I want to live my own life and have my partner do the same. I was never one to follow someone around like a lost child. That probably freaks men out more than I think. 

Let's circle back to the "How many great loves do we get?" question. What if it's only 2? I already used up both. I don't think I'll ever feel the way I feel about the two people I mentioned in this post EVER with anyone else. And maybe that's true and maybe that's not true. 

Next Question: What If I've Already Peaked Career Wise?

I've worked REALY hard for all the amazing things I've been able to do in my life. But, my current fear is, what if I already peaked career wise? What if all the things I've done already is as good as it's going to get? That freaks me out so bad. Lately, I feel it's sort-of true. I've probably already used up my "Great Loves" and "Career" cards too early in life. But again, who ever knows these things. 

Here is the most honest blog you might ever get from me ever again. I may for the most part have my life together, but I fall from grace too! 

R.I.P to my none-existent ego.



Five Knives Premiere New Song "Savages" + Get A Free Download

gabbiebrown Dec 12, 2014

Who doesn't like Free Music! One of my favorite bands, Five Knives, just realesed their new song " Savages" as a part of Red Bull's 20Before15 music discovery program! 

Head on over to and be one of the first 1,000 fans to visit the site and snag a free download of the track! Oh, not to mention a behind the scenes clip of the band on their recent tour with Icona Pop! 

Their new record is launchin in Feb of 2015- and you should see the premiere music video of "Sugar" soon! You can checke out my recent interview about the record here for Buzznet:

Red Bull's 20Before15 program celebrates a year of great music with selection of 20 curated songs from 33 artists, available each day from Dec 1- 20. So, support good music! 

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Dan + Shay Announce New Tour!

gabbiebrown Dec 02, 2014

I've been spending some time in Nashville- I'm headed there on Friday! Spending so much time in Music City has allowed me to appericate country music.

Dan + Shay are one of my "Must See" acts of 2015. I managed to make it out to a few of their shows this year due to me being able to cover ACM, CMA and one of there stops in Chicago. I'm telling you now- you will be hooked faster then you can type the heart eyes emoji. 

Their album was one of the first actual records I purchased in a long time. It's perfect from front to back. 

They're hitting the road for another round of the Where It All Began Tour. So, I suggest you go out and support some new music. 

Feb 28: Knoxville, TN

March 1: Charlotte, NC

March 3: Raleigh, NC

March 5: Columbia, SC

March 11: Fayetteville, AR

March 12: Baton Rouge, LA

March 13: Houston, TX

March 14: Dallas, TX

March 17: El Paso, TX

March 19: San Diego, CA

March 20: Anaheim, CA

March 21: Las Vegas, NV

March 23: San Fran, CA

March 24: Sacramento, CA

March 25: Portland, OR

March 27: Spokane, WA

March 29: Vancouver, BC

April 1: Boise, ID

April 2: Salt Lake City, UT

April 3: Denver, CO

April 4: Kansas City, MO

April 9: Pittsburgh, PA

April 11: Sayreville, NJ

April 12: Boston. MA

April 14: Toronto, ON

April 15: Buffalo, NY

April 21: St. Louis, MO

April 24: Royal Oak, MI

April 25: Chicago, IL 

Hope to see some of you at the Las Vegas Date :) 




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BUZZNET Exclusive: His Dream Of Lions Music Video Premiere & Talks About Their New EP!

gabbiebrown Nov 24, 2014

Buzznet, I think it's time to get back into my old writting roots and bring you some up-coming bands you should be listening to. I recently got to pick the music brains of His Dream Of Lion who are currently doing something unique in the music world. They've come up with the idea to release two EP's in a span of 7 months! Lot's of good tunes for you to enjoy! Check out what they had to say below! They're not your typical Warped Tour band ;) 





Gabbie: Today you're premiering the music video for 'Next Stop, Fall City' off of your second EP due out December 2 on Buzznet! The video is organic in the sense of it just featuring you guys playing- something that is featured in a lot of your music videos. But, for this one, did you feel it truly brought out the value in the song?





HDOL: Absolutely. The fact that most of our videos have been performance was born out of choice, but also necessity. We really don’t have the resources available to do a narrative music video without it being kind of cheese ball. So when the time came to do Next Stop Fall City, we knew we wanted it to be a performance video, but also knew that it would work really well for the song. Next Stop Fall City is definitely a track that speaks for itself, and one you need to lose yourself in a little bit. We felt the best move was to construct the video in a way that would highlight the music as opposed to anything else.


Gabbie: This will be the second EP you've released in 7 months, something that doesn't happen hardly ever. 


HDOL: Yeah, again that was one of those decisions that was due in part to practicality, but also made a lot of sense artistically. We recorded Part One and Part Two in one session over the Summer of 2013 with the intent to release all 11 songs as one record. Eventually we came to the conclusion that, for a band still trying to get its foot in the door, dropping all 11 songs at once seemed a little excessive, especially with no build up. So we staggered each EP by 7 months or so and developed the aesthetic theme that would pair the two together. In the end it worked out really well for the fans and the band.


Gabbie: After listening to both, I would say Part One is lighter musically/lyrically- and Part Two heavier. 


HDOL:Part One is definitely a little lighter on its feet. Part Two hits hard but in a different way. Lyrically it’s a little more aggressive as well. The lyrics give the idea that there’s this fight that we need to have, not against any other person, its more like a declaration that we’re here to take on the world and we want to share that everyone.


Gabbie: Stand Out for me was 'All The Salt In The World'. Which is the last track on the EP. Thinking it's a song that's going to hit home with a lot of people. 


HDOL: Thank you, we hope so! Definitely one of our favorites as a band. That song was born out of the three-note melody that reprises again and again in the choruses. Even in its infancy when it was just Seth singing and playing it on acoustic guitar we knew it was special. Salt kind of captures the essence of the band in three and a half minutes.

Gabbie: 'Dreams Equipped' is another one that stands out instrumental. Lot's of great elements being thrown in your ears.  

HDOL:Haha absolutely, when you’re younger your writing style tends to be a little more ADD, Dreams Equipped is a prime example of that. That was one of the first songs written by the band. Its also Nick’s favorite song to play live, he goes bananas on the intro.


Gabbie: You're having an EP release show on Nov 29, can we expect a full blown tour soon? 


HDOL:Yes! Stay tuned for more announcements, this is just the start :)



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Exclusive: Five Knives Talk New Music, Tour And Sassy Tunes!

gabbiebrown Nov 20, 2014

In 2013, I spent my summer on the road with Vans Warped Tour and Kia Motors, where I got introduce to Five Knives by a friend who was working with them. 

Let's just say that most of my free time from filming videos was spent dragging my friends to their stage to watch their high engery set. I mean, Anna was crowd surfing and 'All Fall Down' was my summer anthem. 

Just chatted wtih Anna, the kick-ass lead singer of the group, about their new record due out Feb 2015. 

Gabbie: Your new record has a lot of different elements bleeding throughout each track (Hip-hop, Pop, Electronic). Which I would say is a Five Knives staple. 

Anna:We haven't been a band super long. We've kind of spent this past year coming into our own. I think we know now who we truly are now. We wanted to keep the dark side to our music, but there's a lot more elements of pop in this one. We still got the punk-edge that you're all use to. 

Gabbie: I was pleasantly happy to see 'Sugar' and 'Rattatat' make this record as they were crowd favorites during your run with The Vans Warped Tour. But, they didn't make your past EP, "The Rising". 

Anna: 'Rattatat' was one of the first songs we ever wrote as a band. It's a fun one, but we felt it wasn't really ready for our last EP, 'The Rising'. I love this song. The feedback from 'Sugar' has been really good. There's been a bunch of remixes, already charted on Billboard's Electric Dance chart. We just filmed a music video for it, which is coming out in December. It's a great video, I can't wait. 

Gabbie: 'Wild Ones' could be a radio single.

Anna: You're tugging at my heart. Whenever I hear it, I cry because it has so much potential. I'm proud of this one. This is one of my favorites, but with this record, I think there's a song that everyone can relate too. Everybody can have their song. For me, it's this one. 

Gabbie: I think 'Take My Picture' is going to be a cheeky girls anthem 

Anna: Yes, this one could be great for movies. Another one that has a lot of potential. It's fun and fits in with the selfie craze world we're living in now. 

Gabbie: What are some stand out songs for you on this record?

Anna:'Wild Ones'..'Shake My Bones'. This record has a lot of 80's influence and really affects you. I want my fans to know that what I'm saying in each track, is really just coming from me. I'm singing from my heart. Also, the drops in 'Money' are really fun too! 

Gabbie: You were saying earlier how you feel this is the best representation of who Five Knives is today. What are three words that fit you and the band.

Anna: Oh, these are always really hard. Energetic, Unstoppable, Edgey. 

Gabbie: With a new record usually comes a new tour. What can we expect?

Anna: Tour is in the works. Everyone on our team is kind of looking into everything right now. Hopefully in 2015, we can get back out there! 

Make sure you guys pick-up Five Knives new record out in Feb of 2015. It's an edgy punk princess's anthem. 

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Kelsea Ballerini Covers Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' On The Bobby Bones Show!

gabbiebrown Nov 14, 2014

My morning typically starts with me listening to The Bobby Bones Show on the way to work! It gives me that little dash of Nashville, even though I'm in Vegas.

I first heard of Kelsea Ballerini on Bobby's show. He's always promoting up-and-coming country talent and I was impressed with her voice and style! She's usually on the road with him and The Raging Idiots, his charity band. 

Check out the future of Country Music with Kelsea singing Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'. Bobby Bones challenge the young singer to make their chairs turn like The Voice. 

She for sure gets Buzznet's chair to turn around! 

Follow Kelsea Ballerini on Twitter Website Instagram





Her EP will be released on 11/24 so keep an eye out for that! 


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Turning 22, Life Is Beautiful Festival, Garth Brooks, Social Media Headquarters, OH MY

gabbiebrown Nov 13, 2014

I've been nothing short of busy... and I mean busy. The kind where you only stay in a city for less than 24 hours. 

It started with the second to last week of October, where I managed to attend Life Is Beautiful Music Festival, hop on a plane the next day and fly to L.A for our TINhouse party, back on a plane to Vegas to finish the magical festival. 

This was my first year attending LIB and I was lucky enough to be able to snap some photos of the artist playing for The line-up was bagging, Kanye West, Lionel Richie, Outkast, Foo Fighters, etc. 

There were plenty of selfie opportunites, every corner was a unique wall of graffiti, or piece of art, always a unique photo moment. Some of the highlights included watching Echosmith, who I work with on Warped, have one of the biggest crowds. Full circle moment for them and me. Also, Switchfoot- OMG, The Weeknd, and watching Dave Grohl show us what Punk truly is. 

Saturday, I skipped LIB to head to our TINHouse Beverly Hills party. The mansion was beautiful and overlooked the hills of L.A. There was even an arcade room where I spent most of my time playing Ski-Ball and Bowling. 

A week later, I spent some time snapping photos of Chase Rise. A song-writter who is starting to make it big! Chase wrote Florida Georgia Line's 'Cruise'. His current single is making it's rounds on radio, 'Ready Set Go'. I love when someone brings a new element to club tours. He made it seem like his production was a part of an arena tour! Brilliant. 

On Sunday the 9th, I turned 22. Happy Birthday to me. No, I didn't play T-Swift's '22' once! But i did remind myself that this past year has been a battle against fear and a journey towards bravery. I'll touch more on that when I write my end of the year wrap-up. 

Tuesday, I hopped on a flight to San Fran with one of my clients. We were headed to spend the day with Garth Brooks and Entertainment tonight traveling to all the social media HQ's. Garth was joining 2014's idea of communication. 

Let me tell you about Garth, he's the real deal. He's the most humble person I've ever met. He took the time to connect with each of us in our own way. Of course, we spent the day talking about fashion and how he want's me to send his Daughters/ Trisha my pants. I grew up listening to him, so getting to know him on a personal level was a dream. 

When spent the morning at Facebook/ Instagram HQ's. I wanted to move in! Garth had a Q & A where things got real. So many people have been touched by his music, and that's something social media will never be able to touch. 

Next, Twitter HQ, for another Q&A/ mini performance. Garth announced a secret pop-up show and I got drink out of a bird mug! We headed to The Independent music hall where we headed backstage for the show. Getting to hang in his dressing room with him and some of my favorite people was incredible. He's all fun! 

I've been super busy! But these past few weeks has inspired me. I'm living proof, that if you work, stay nice, you can do anything you set your mind too. I'm learning that slowly.

R.I.P To The Music Reporter

gabbiebrown Sep 26, 2014


Dear Buzznet,

I would like to take a moment of silence for the death of music reporters.

Where to begin, where to begin. If you haven't noticed already, music reporters are popping up everywhere. And no, it's not a good thing. What use to be a truthful and honest rare breed of insight, has now become an industry of girls just wanting to meet bands. The internet has given the tool to anyone by allowing them to create their own websites and ask generic questions to a band they just wanted to meet, but didn't feel the need to pay the 50 bucks for the Meet and Greet.


This has caused three major problems.


One: The hard working reporters are no longer taken seriously.


Let me define the hard working reporter: Someone who puts hours into researching the band, writes their own questions, books their own interview, and genuinely wants to give insight into the music.


Today: We show up and they already begin to size us up. Can we get this one to sleep with us? Should we just take a picture and call it a day? I wonder if she/he will ask us about how our band name came about?



There's a stereotype for music reporters! Not, the kind where they worry if we will write a bad review about them. This is my passion, dream, and career I've been personally chasing for 5 years now. It's sad when I get complimented on how refreshing and professional my interview style was. All interviews should be professional. I shouldn't be receiving these comments EVER.

Problem number two: We no longer get the credit/ pay we deserve. There's so many girls who will work for free just to get the backstage access. There's also a dime a dozen sites popping up dragging down viewership/profit. I work for three different music sites currently and receive no pay. I have a 10-6 job (it's still a cool job :), just so I can afford to pay the bills and travel to shows for them. Don't get me wrong, I would do what I do for free because I love it, but at some point, you deserve credit and payment.

Problem number three: Most correspondents, reporters, host for major music sites all have a few things in common. They have an agent or they know someone. Since when did you need an agent to talk about music? Also, since when did being someones relative, or having a ton of followers land you a job? These things do not equal a good reporter.

There's still hope that one day I will land a gig with MTV, CMT, VH1 or AXS. I will continue to prove the 

stereotype wrong, and bust my A$$ to show how valuable my style is. I encourage you to do the same in your careers.




Run Wild Live Free Love Strong: New Music

gabbiebrown Sep 17, 2014


I wanted to share somes new tunes with my Buzznet pals! We all started this journey for the love of music, right? Let's bring back the tune talking blogs! My dear aussie fan-girling pals, For King and Country, just released their new record on Tuesday. Holy smokes is it the greatest record of 2014. 

I'm always impressed with them. They know how to change the game in an industry that puts out mimcs of melodies. I first met these guys in 2012 when they were just getting ready to release their first record. Their style might of evolved, but they're still the same charming gentlemen now. 

Run Wild Live Free Love Strong is an anthem of brilliant story telling. From the heart-felt 'without you' featuring Luke's wife Courtney (it will leave you in tears). To the highly-danceable 'Run Wild'. The spectrum of emotion is covered front to back. We can't forget about 'Fix My Eyes', a modern-day spin on how you should be living your life.

For King and Country are hitting the road this fall, and I can only imagine how well crafted the show will be. These guys are not only musicians, but dreamers and creators. They take the story right off the page and turn it into a living cinematic moment. You will leave the show craving to see it a million times again. 

Run Wild Live Free Love Strong speaks to your soul. Purchase the record to see what I'm talking about here:


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