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R.I.P To The Music Reporter

gabbiebrown Sep 26, 2014


Dear Buzznet,

I would like to take a moment of silence for the death of music reporters.

Where to begin, where to begin. If you haven't noticed already, music reporters are popping up everywhere. And no, it's not a good thing. What use to be a truthful and honest rare breed of insight, has now become an industry of girls just wanting to meet bands. The internet has given the tool to anyone by allowing them to create their own websites and ask generic questions to a band they just wanted to meet, but didn't feel the need to pay the 50 bucks for the Meet and Greet.


This has caused three major problems.


One: The hard working reporters are no longer taken seriously.


Let me define the hard working reporter: Someone who puts hours into researching the band, writes their own questions, books their own interview, and genuinely wants to give insight into the music.


Today: We show up and they already begin to size us up. Can we get this one to sleep with us? Should we just take a picture and call it a day? I wonder if she/he will ask us about how our band name came about?



There's a stereotype for music reporters! Not, the kind where they worry if we will write a bad review about them. This is my passion, dream, and career I've been personally chasing for 5 years now. It's sad when I get complimented on how refreshing and professional my interview style was. All interviews should be professional. I shouldn't be receiving these comments EVER.

Problem number two: We no longer get the credit/ pay we deserve. There's so many girls who will work for free just to get the backstage access. There's also a dime a dozen sites popping up dragging down viewership/profit. I work for three different music sites currently and receive no pay. I have a 10-6 job (it's still a cool job :), just so I can afford to pay the bills and travel to shows for them. Don't get me wrong, I would do what I do for free because I love it, but at some point, you deserve credit and payment.

Problem number three: Most correspondents, reporters, host for major music sites all have a few things in common. They have an agent or they know someone. Since when did you need an agent to talk about music? Also, since when did being someones relative, or having a ton of followers land you a job? These things do not equal a good reporter.

There's still hope that one day I will land a gig with MTV, CMT, VH1 or AXS. I will continue to prove the 

stereotype wrong, and bust my A$$ to show how valuable my style is. I encourage you to do the same in your careers.




Run Wild Live Free Love Strong: New Music

gabbiebrown Sep 17, 2014


I wanted to share somes new tunes with my Buzznet pals! We all started this journey for the love of music, right? Let's bring back the tune talking blogs! My dear aussie fan-girling pals, For King and Country, just released their new record on Tuesday. Holy smokes is it the greatest record of 2014. 

I'm always impressed with them. They know how to change the game in an industry that puts out mimcs of melodies. I first met these guys in 2012 when they were just getting ready to release their first record. Their style might of evolved, but they're still the same charming gentlemen now. 

Run Wild Live Free Love Strong is an anthem of brilliant story telling. From the heart-felt 'without you' featuring Luke's wife Courtney (it will leave you in tears). To the highly-danceable 'Run Wild'. The spectrum of emotion is covered front to back. We can't forget about 'Fix My Eyes', a modern-day spin on how you should be living your life.

For King and Country are hitting the road this fall, and I can only imagine how well crafted the show will be. These guys are not only musicians, but dreamers and creators. They take the story right off the page and turn it into a living cinematic moment. You will leave the show craving to see it a million times again. 

Run Wild Live Free Love Strong speaks to your soul. Purchase the record to see what I'm talking about here:


Welcome To The Generation Of Cool

gabbiebrown Sep 05, 2014

When we were little kids, all we ever wanted to do was be cool. We wanted to hang with the "cool kids", do really awesome things that in return would make us cool. That's all our little minds aspired to be. Cool was just something everyone strived for. 

2014: Welcome to the generation of cool. 

I know a lot of us pretend to not care about being cool. But, deep down there's still every little bit of you that wants to be. We try to get "cool" jobs. We brag to our friends about the "cool" opportunities we have coming up. We say we're friends with "cool" people. We're so busy with these "cool" adult things. We have thousands of followers and that makes us "cool". America has became glossy people, who only care about that four letter word. 

Gosh, I'm so sick of everyone trying to out-do each other. Trying to one-up each other. Buttering up our friends so they still think we're cool. Writting reviews of records so the artist will think you're cool and want to become friends with you. Pretending to be friends with people, who in realitly have no idea who you are, or are not truly your friends. What happend to just doing you. 

We turn to social media sites to make us feel better. You can have a horrible day, run home and take a selfie, upload it to instagram... BAM hundreds of likes or comments saying "You're so pretty".. "I want to be you". Those things reassure us that we are still in-fact cool. Those thing have no depth.

Have a spine... do you.. stop thinking you're cool... you're not. Those colorful macaroons are cool though. I mean, Almost Famous did predict the future of our generation. Cool is just a filter we add to our life. Don't use it. 




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What In The World Have I Been Doing

gabbiebrown Aug 21, 2014

Hello Buzznet, we've been friends for a really long time and I thought that I haven't been showing you no love. My bad, I've been super busy with all the things that make life so great! 

Just wanted to share some cool things I've been up to! One of them being............ I'm now a guest blogger for Natural High! You know, the non-profit that I love and gush over so much on here. The team over their are some of my favorite people to work with. They really care about inspiring our next generation of youth with dreams, the same way I do! Keep checking back on for some of my monthy post!

You should check it out! READ ME

I've also been chatting about tunes with some really cool musicans for Stage Right Secrets

It was nice getting to reunite with Cameron and Zach, along with getting to know the rest of the guys in Tragic Thrills. I've spent the past two summers with Cameron and Zach (Summer of Love + Touring with them on Warped Tour). They always bring me good juicy gossip. 

One of my new favorite bands is Stages and Stereos. I can't tell you how amazing they are. One of those bands that will soon be blowing up!  

I've been super busy as you can tell! Lots more projects in the works! 

What have you guys been doing this summer? 






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Dan + Shay Live At Joe's Bar 

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Check Them Out: Young Rising Sons

gabbiebrown Aug 17, 2014

Young Rising Sons have all the components to be the next great band you'll fall in love with. What can get better than smooth vocalings, up-beat tunes, and good looking dudes? It's feel good music with a touch of classiness and a hint of gentlemen meets bad boy. Oh, you can't forget the soulful sound.. the kind that leaves goosebumps for days. 

They group is hitting the road this fall, a perfect chance to get to hear some new tunes. Young Rising Sons is about to be a house-hold name... Don't you want to say you jumped on the train before hand? 

Purchase Young Rising Sons EP Here: BUY ME 



Dan + Shay LIVE @ Joe's Bar

gabbiebrown Jul 23, 2014

During my stay in Chicago, I managed to leave the Warped Tour grounds and make it in time to see Dan + Shay again thanks to the wonderful folks at Warner Nashville. They always treat me so kindly! I've seen Dan + Shay a couple times while I was covering ACM Festival/ CMA Festival for a site I've been working with. They are always a privilege to see. 

I think the reason why I enjoy them so much, is the fact at how versatile they are. They're country, but they can also jump on the pop or 80's rock train. I'm an 80's music lover at heart, so I got to hear Guns 'N' Roses' + Def Leppard, I was more than thrilled. Two of my all time favorite bands. I was also swooning during the 'Just The Way You Are' cover. Holy heart eyes emoji. 

Being a new band on the music scence can be hard, esp when you're signed to a major record label. Warner always tends to keep their artist busy, but these guys seem to handle it well. The show started at 12 am and ended around 2 am. The duo had been up since 8 am performing all over Chicago. We got the same exact energy level, if not more, during the show. The signs of a true talent.

I think my favorite part of the night was hearing 'Stop Drop and Roll', 'First Time Feeling' or 'Show You Off'. Two songs that have completly unexplainably medlodies and rifts. You want to grab the love of your life, and just run through a field of daisy's in an old chevy truck. It makes you feel like you're falling in love all over again. I mean, I also enjoy '19 You + Me'... mostly because i can swing my blonde hair back and fourth. An anthem to all the legally blondes out there. Also, always lovely to see the journey of former A Rocket To The Moons members, Justin and Andrew doing their thang.

I'm excited to cover a few more of their shows in October in Vegas. They always add another level of excellence every time I see them. 

Have You Seen Dan + Shay Live? 



Festival Files: Vans Warped Tour

gabbiebrown Jul 22, 2014

I made my return to Vans Warped Tour this weekend! I was so excited to be able to head Chicago for the weekend to spend a great time with tour family and some special people! I actually ended up attending the Vegas date, but due to my work party the next day, I made a quick pop in and pop out. It was great to be able to get some quality hang time with people I hadn't seen since we packed our bangs to head home from last years tour. 

Two companies you should support in the non-profit world of Warped, my pals at Natural High and The Canvas Foundation! I'm so happy I could help Natural High end up on the full tour this year along with partnering with Echosmith. They are impacting the youth this summer in a postive way! Make sure to stop by and see my pal, Ally at The Canvas Foundation. Paint yourself and have a good time. 

Fav sets of the day..hmmm. The Summer Set, Issues, Yellowcard and Echosmith! I was super bumped that I missed Bayside, but sometimes spending time with people is better than seeing any band! 

Man, Warped is changing or maybe I'm just getting older! I felt it was a little hard to get into some of the bands this year. I fully support those who push their new stuff during the performance, but a lot of us come to hear the classics. Maybe it was just me. I truly love what Kevin Lyman does each and every year. Happy 20th Birthday to a magical tour that brings people together. S/O to everyone who spent the day with me and danced silly to tunes! I love you all! Also, I took some snazzy photos, so watch out for them this week! 

SIDE NOTE: My Pals Fellow Threads Join The Tour This Week! July 25-27, Stop By Their Booth and Grab CUTE! CLOTHING! Tell Them I Said HI. Tour Besties For LIFE! 

Did you go to Warped Tour this year? Let Me Know! 

Sometimes Your Story With People Just Ends... Even Without A The End

gabbiebrown Jul 17, 2014

Have you ever had one of those dreams where it was just brutally honest. When I say honest, I mean, it was so intense that it almost felt real. The emotion was high, you knew the people, and it was almost too life like. I woke up from one of those today. I don't think I've ever experienced anything like it before. I had to sit up and take in everything that just happened while I was sleeping. 

My dream featured only one familar face. A face I hadn't seen or spoken to in almost a year. Sometimes your story just ends with people.... even without a THE END. That's pretty much how our story ended up on the floor. Of course there's always a part of you that just keeps saying "It isn't over, It still isn't over". 

Anyways, while I was sleeping this dream appeared. I usually have a hard time remembering them, but this one stuck with me. There we were sitting face to face, our foreheads touching as he honestly stated everything I had wish to hear. It was a first honest moment I had ever experienced with him. I NEVER had one in real life. I could smell his cologne, which made it so real. He laid everyting on the line as he spoke the truth, or what I subconsciously thought it was. He even shed a tear (I guess men cry in my dreams when they do wrong). He then said the 3 letter word. TWICE. It was weird and scary. I was so shaken by it, that I quickly woke up. 

When I was seeing him, I thought everything was perfect. I don't know why, but it all felt right. Me + him. It was like we were on this level that I couldn't often find words to describe. It was all a secret, that most figured out because they weren't blind. In my dream he called me out for sharing it with 12,000 people. A weird number to say the least. Especially when you only told your close friends, and they still didn't even know the full story. I guess when you think you're so Rock and Roll, you often think people care about silly things. Who you're seeing being one of them. 

I never truly been honest with myself or people about how hard it was to deal with a story just ending abruptly. It's still a sore topic today, that I hide pretty well. The words, "you sunk my ship deep" will never come out of my mouth. Even if given the chance to lay everyting out on the line, I don't think I could do it. I mean, I think that is what this dream was about. Me wanting him to just tell me what he was thinking, feeling. Dreams can always appear life like. Sometimes life can almost appear like a dream. I just wanted to know that it was real. He's trying so hard to hide/ forget something was a part of his life. I sometimes go back and watch videos of me dancing on a couch singing his songs right back to him. The way he looked at me cuts deep, because he'll never look at me the same way again. He use to read these lil post I use to write on here. Maybe, he'll discover this one. I have to constantly keep reminding myself that if it was love, it would of made him stayed. 

There were questions that I needed answered, that would forever be unanswered.

Dreams are just dreams, but can open up a whole new life perspective. They can secretly tell you what you're craving, missing, and hoping for. 



The Things You Learn Once You're On The Path Towards Your Dreams

gabbiebrown Jul 02, 2014

When your on the path to achieving your dreams, you learn a few things. Your eyes become more clearer once rejection becomes a word that frequents your vocabulary. That word rejection...has kind of a harsh sound to it. Sure, it can throw your life off track, but I kind of look at it as a blessing. I mean, everyone has a time when they hear that word more than others. When a big door opens, you should always take a step back and look back at all the doors that close. You truthfully start to see the path become less dusty. You understand why your path unfolded the way it did. 

Last August, I was on an emotinal high. I got off a tour I used to dream of being a part of. I met some of my best friends and felt like I could take on the world. Once the magicalness wore off, I realized how hard it is to find a job similar yearly. In a perfect world I would be touring 24/7 and interviewing. That perfect world doesn't exist. At some point, you have to grow up. When I got my current job, I was truthfully unsure of it. I thought I was meant to go back out on the road, but my path shifted. I took a step back and realized that I was suppose to be on this path. While I was in Nashville, I had the chance to catch up with some of the pals I made that Summer. We were all on the same path, growing up from touring and moving on to bigger and better things. We all had a little hesitation and truthfully wouldn't admit how different this Summer was about to be for all of us. Your path will always shift, but never completly. We're all in new careers that realte to what we love.. Music + Good People. 

Some of you are searching for jobs and feeling like nothing. Rejection is your least favorite word.. Right behind NO Thanks. You have all the talent in the world and could never figure out why you never get the same chances as other. Dreams take time. Be patient and look everyday for something that makes you happy. Trust me, when you least expect it, the door will open. Don't compare yourself to others. I used to be really bad at this, especially when it came to this very blog. Your path will shift multiple times, but as long as you trust it, things will come full circle. Before I got my current job I interviewed with Free People to run their blog (Gabbie might of actually cried), Cirque Du Soleil, and got asked to interview for a spot on a reality show. None of those worked out.... I can see why now. I was meant to be doing what I'm doing. 

Am I the host of MTV yet? No, but I'm walking in the right direction. I still interview bands, maybe not as frequent as I like, but it's enough to still keep me in the grasp of music. I currently get to hang out with a bunch of viners, youtubers, instagramers etc. It's pretty cool, they teach me a lot everyday. So your homework tonight: Choose a small dream. Your small dream is something you can accomplish in under 3 years. Next, choose a big dream. This dream you can accomplish in 5 + years. This will keep your head from exploding.

Gabbie's Small Dream: Get credentialed for more interviews! 

Gabbie's Big Dream: Become a host for MTV or Late Night 

We're halfway through 2014. Let's start taking names and kicking some major booty! I really like comments, so leave your dreams below :)

Dream big, work hard, and surround yourself with people that make you better.



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My Weekend At TINHouse EDC

gabbiebrown Jun 24, 2014

I've been running around none stop since Nashville preparing for TINHouse EDC! My new job is super cool and I'm so proud of everything we've accomplished this weekend. We had three trending topics on twitter, two number one world wide trends over World Cup and EDC and a feature on Entertainment Tonight. 

Hanging with one of my influencers Chris Collins and my TINHouse team mate Elizabeth.

Loved getting to spend time with Jessica Vanessa. One of the sweetest Viners ever! 

The Stafford Brothers and Crystal Heffner were our Guest DJ's for the weekend. 

On Saturday we took some of our influencers to the Voodoo Zipline! It was so fun, but a little scary. 

Hijacking Alx James' YouNow 

All Smiles while hanging out with Chris Saint and Crawford Collins 

Thanks to my entire TINHouse team for everything! You can follow my life on Instagram + Twitter, just @Gabbiebrown 

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