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5 Things Prince Taught Me

gabbiebrown Apr 18, 2014

I was re-watching Arsenio Hall last week, the one with Prince for the million time. I was in such a daze watching him. It was good to see the old funk genius back in his old ways. I think we all tend to forget how great of a guitar player he is. To get an interview with the purple majesty is very rare. I can only dream of the day when I could be blessed to chat music with him. He was so candid with Arsenio. I realized that we are a lot like. He talked about how he's always rearranging music in his head and that he hears it differently. I loved when he was asked what he would do if he wasn't Prince. He responded with, "When I was 16, I was completly broke and needed to go get a job. So I got the yellowpages out and I couldn't find one thing that I wanted to do. So i decided I was going to push as hard as I could to be a musician and win at it." That hit home with me. 

Prince has taught me so much over my 21 years of life. I talk about him a lot, because I'm afraid that the world might forget about him. Side Note, it's been 30 years since Purple Rain was released. So, here is 5 things that he has taught me. 

5.) Don't care about money. Put everything into your art. Prince barely broke even in his 1989 tour. He put everything into his art to make sure that his song told the same story live, as they did on the record. Did I mention that every single night was sold out? 

4.) Even though love hurts, show them that it doesn't. Prince can make a song about how horrible somebody treated you, sound like a postive upbeat song. He kept his relationships pretty low key, and you never really knew who he was dating. When he finally spoke out about it, he blinded you with the rad drum beats, silky smooth guitar, and outrageous vocals, to hide the fact that he was hurt. Example, 'How come you don't call me anymore', 'Gotta broken heart', 'Why you wanna treat me so bad'. Prince clearly understands love, and is constantly reminding us to lay low. 

3.) Protect your art. You may joke, laugh, and cry over Prince's protection laws, but when you're as gifted as that man, you should! His copyright laws are very lengthy and written out in detial. Proof that you should protect your art. Don't let record labels, agents, corporate, or fans walk all over you. 

2.) You don't have to play a song the same way twice. I don't think there was ever a time when Prince played a song the same way twice. Musicians today get into this groove where they basically just go through the motions. The legend was constatly moving, singing, performing, playing differently! Just look at the way he is performing his classic hits today, they don't even sound the same anymore. Always re-invent yourself, and never go through the motions. 

1.) Do things on your own time. Prince has always been the master of this, just look at the gap in-between his current records. He's a perfectionist, and only puts out music when he feels it's right. He's not trying to top the last, but just trying to make good, long lasting tunes. The man of all things purple knows how to make everything he does timeless. All of his stuff is still revelant today! In the next 30 years, who can we say that about? 

Man, I just want to get inside his head! 



Gabbie Brown's Weekend At TinHouse in Coachella

gabbiebrown Apr 15, 2014

Thursday morning I headed to the Coachella valley for a fun filled work event at the TINHouse! You might of saw the number one trending topic and asked what it was. Well, TINHouse invited the top influencers of social media to come party the weekend away during Coachella. I had a blast and couldn't of asked for a better vacation, even though I was working! I met some pretty cool people, and it was great to hear their stories on how they got started. 

I had to channel that rock and roll Stones look! Even though it was a pull party, you still had show up looking fashionable. I mean, that's what most Coachella parties are all about!

I loved having the chance to talk with Vine stars Eric Dunn, Alx James, and Zane of Zane and Heath. I watched a couple of them film videos during the weekend and boy is the process long! It takes 1 to 2 hours AT LEAST to film and the same goes for editing. 

On Saturday, Entertainment Tonight spent the day with us! You guys know how much I want to be an Entertainment reporter, it was cool to see the process. I had a great team, and couldn't be more thanful for them! You can check out some more of my photo from my weekend below.



Never Lose Your Flame

gabbiebrown Apr 12, 2014

It's time to get personal on the BUZZNET blog. I usually don't hold anything back, and let you have it all (Life, How a musician boy sucked the life out of me, exciting moments, love, downfalls). I don't have a filter, because I believe that people need to know that they're not alone. 

I've been a hot mess recently, and often spend my nights wondering where all my time went. Being busy is an addictive feeling. I've always craved being busy, because I thought it meant being successful towards my dream. I'm hustling everyday will a million and one things, and I'm so thankful.I heard this over the weekend, "You can be busy, but not moving closer to your dreams". Somedays I feel this overwhelming weight about not achieving my future goals. I often feel stuck, stuck in this quick-sand of life. I'm sinking every second of the day, not moving closer to the "dream". People walk by, chat for a bit, but not willing to help you out. Some will step on you, as if you weren't there. Some will try to help, but in the end just get that front office desk spot, and you're back in the ground. I'm always dreaming up these massive plans for me that involved living in L.A or Nashville, interviewing on red carpets, making a fashion line, taking over Late Night, touring the world, inspiring young girls. There's a flame burning rapidly inside my soul, I'm just hoping I can keep it lit. 

My problem in life is that I often think I'm order than what I'am. I think my time is running out, and I'm a 34 year old still unmarried. 21 years young.. no college degree. accomplished way more than most people will ever in their life. My stomach gets a knot when I think about being in my 30 years. What if I'm just sitting on a couch, eating potato chips, and hating my "normal" job. I've never been a normal person, I've always believe that I was suppose to do something grand. No matter how great of a Job I have, I'm often thinking I'm suppose to be moving on to this BIG BIG grand mothership of all things. There's always this unsettling feeling, expect when I was on Warped. I never got that feeling, and literally woke up everyday with a smile plastered on my face. 

A lot of people around me have been trying to talk me out of those dreams I was talking about earlier. Some of them are people who are extremely close to me, and I'm just not quite sure how to react. I know I will never let someone talk me out of my dreams, but when people get angry it's hard to be strong. I wish people would stop worrying about me, I have my life more figured out than someone in their 30's. All I ask for is a little support, a pat on the back, and a smile that says i'm here no matter what. I haven't gotten that recently and I'm feeling a little defeated. All we want in life is to be successful, and prove to our parents that we did it. 

Do you ever have those times when you feel like if you say something it won't come true? People always say put your positive vibes out into the universe. Am I the only person who does this, and than nothing happens? Life man. 

Lately, I feel as though I have a lot of toxic people in my life. People who are unsupportive, always wanting to one up you, take everything from you, ask a lot about how you got to the place you're at. I don't mind helping others, but at the same time you got hustle just as hard. Things will never be handed to you. Surrounding yourself with good people is really important! I'm working on cleaning up that part of my life. Listen, if they don't talk to you daily, congratulate you on exciting events, want to honestly know about your life, than they are not your friends. "Friends" gets thrown around like a baseball. Society doesn't even know what a friend is. It's all about who you associate yourself with, who you can use to get to the next level, who you have to play… It's so sickening to think about what that term has come to. Sometimes I feel better alone, than with "friends". 

The word associated with relationships has become really foreign to me as well. I don't know, I thought I knew what it meant, how it felt, and when it was real. Not so much anymore. I've been trying to make things work with this one guy, but I'm losing hope.Sometimes, you can't make a relationship happen, no matter how hard you try. And than I was thinking about Mr. LA this weekend. I don't think I've ever admitted it, but I had a moment where I missed him. I was watching an artist perform backstage and Vince Neil walked out and started singing 'Home Sweet Home'. I thought man, _____ would love this and we would both be freaking out. I started to pull out my phone to text him a picture, and than quickly realized that I didn't have his # anymore. I use to text him stuff about this all the time, and now I couldn't even as a friend. It's funny how rapidly things change around you. I than moved to watch Dan + Shay perform and they sang '19 You + Me'. It hit home because I was 19 when everything happend, and it was summer, and my blonde hair was probably swinging to every song he sang. Expect things ended bad, and that song is a happy one. Maybe, I'll keep those moments locked in my head just incase he visits me in my dreams. I might be one of those girls who's not meant to be in a relationship. 

Anyways, I just discovered that my Buzznet blog is coming in hot on it's 5th birthday. Such a funny feeling knowing that this blog has had mad success, and helped shaped my future. I wanted to be real and honest with you for a second. I've been thinking a lot about ending my love affair with BUZZNET for a lot of reasons. I've been feeling this disconnect. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm not a BIG (I mean, has a lot of social media followers) Buzzmakers. I get to see some of the things the other Buzzmakers are doing and feel left out a lot of the times. They get handed a lot of cool things here, and I basically have to hustle (email myself) for a lot of the giveaways, exclusive content featured. I'm constantly posting weekly and often feel like it's going unnoticed. I use to think that being a BUZZMAKER meant gaining a title that meant you post really cool content, and a door opens to bigger cooler content. Being that today means having a lot of social media followers. I guess I'm the BUZZNET people Buzzmaker. Here to be the voice of you creative pals! A lot of you guys post really cool content that's better than us, I applaud you… I've seen a lot of you leave, and it makes me sad. I decided that I don't want that. I don't think I could ever fall out of love with this blog. Psssst (I've worked some magic and have a lot of cool giveaways coming up ;) 

I hope you stick with me for a bajillion more awesome years! I love getting emails from you, and talking about life. You saying how inspiring this blog is makes me want to hug you and never let go. Cheers to the nobodies trying to make their dreams come true. It's not about being a somebody, it's about doing what you love.

I'm going to leave you with this. Fall in love with your career..not boys. Dig deep for those good people, and never lose your flame. P.S Greetings from Coachella and #TINHOUSE



Festival Files: ACM Party For A Cause

gabbiebrown Apr 08, 2014

This past weekend was an exhausting one to the least! Country music invaded sin city, and I was there to capture all of the action. On Friday and Saturday I headed over to The Linq were the ACM Party For A Cause Festival was happening. I was so excited to get to capture some great moments from some of my favorite artist. Dan + Shay were stand outs for me, along with Kip Moore, Cassadee Pope (YAH), Joe Nichols, and Keith Urban. I can't believe I got to shoot Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts, that's so crazy. 

On Saturday I was invited to ride the Higher Roller wheel, the worldest tallest ferris wheel. Caesars Entertainment treated us so nicely, and offered open bar, food and appetizers. Man, the view from the top of the wheel is breath taking. You can see most of the strip! It's a fun experience, and def something you all have to do when you're in Vegas! 

I got to chat a little with Love and Theft as well! Funny funny guys, who are not afraid to goof around. I think this interview captures our personalites well, don't you think?

This weekend I'm off to Coachella for work! I'm so excited and can't wait to tell you about my experience. You guys can see all of my ACM coverage over on BTW! 



Freebie Friday: Win A Festival Inspire T-Shirt From Veuxdoo

gabbiebrown Apr 02, 2014

Oh man, the weekend is final here! I'm headed off to ACM Festival and Pet-A-Palooza festival tonight/ tomorrow, and Coachella on Wednesday. I thought I should do a festival inspired giveaway for one of my favorite festivals! 

The lovely folks over at Veuxdoo are helping me celebrate festival season with this awesome tie-dye fringe t-shirt. Veuxdoo is a uk brand that is currently transitioning from clothing to jewelry, and features a very boho vibe. You guys know how much that style describes me. The crystal necklaces are some of my favorite pieces (Shop here)

You can win this giveaway by following (click the links!) @Gabbiebrown and @Veuxdoo on Instagram and tweeting this to enter! I'll pick a winner on Monday! 



Festival Files: Extreme Thing

gabbiebrown Mar 31, 2014

This past weekend I hit running to the desert for Extreme Thing Festival. The festival featured pop punk, heavy metal bands, as well as, pro wrestling and BMX riding. I was so excited to get to check out some Warped favorites, Tonight Alive, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Issues, Of Mice and Men, and Bring Me The Horizon, who I have all worked with on Warped Tour. Gosh, if you have the chance to catch The Used's new set than go! The whole production was phenominal, and I loved the stage design. I got to interivew New Beat Fund, and snapped some photos for Stage Right Secrets, while I was there too! I featured some photos below :)

I love festival season, and i'm going to be covering some pretty snazzy ones soon! I wanted to feature my outfit from the festival event, because festival fashion is important! 

Outfit Detials:  

Jumper: Forever21

Shoes: H&M


Sunnies: Fellowthreads 

I'll be at Pet-A-Palooza Festival interviewing and taking photos this weekend. I can't wait to catch New Politics and Mary Lambert perform! 



Fashion Meets Music Festival Announcement

gabbiebrown Mar 31, 2014

I'm so excited to announce the lineup for Fashion Meets Music Festival, in Columbus, OH! My hometown is putting on a really rad festival that combines everything I love in life. 3 days, 2 loves, 1 place, what more could you ask for! The expo is only 10 bucks and features over 300 music/ fashion retailers, as well as runway shows! You can purchase an after party badge for 35, or acess to excess for 200, and you're ticket is free. 

I'm just drooling with exictement over the lineup, so of my favorite bands of all time are playing! 

Visit for more info and tickets. Stay glued to my BUZZNET page, because it's about to get FMMF crazy! 



The 10 People You'll Meet At A Festival This Year

gabbiebrown Mar 19, 2014

Festival season is officially here! I look forward to this time of the year ever single...well year. People watching at festivals is a top 5 thing to do. You meet and observe some interesting people. Last summer I did the 10 people you'll meet at Warped Tour and this year I'm counting down the people you'll meet at every festival. Happy music hoping. 

10. I knew this band before they were playing this festvial.

9. Oh, these writsbands are from every single festival I've been to. 

8. I thought this was the pool? Swimsuits? 

7. Are you the guy who puts me on your shoulders?

6.. Kids, we cancled our family trip to Disneyworld and now we're going to this cool music festival.

5. The girl who only talks about how drunk she is.

4. Mom, I just got engaged while my favorite band was playing.

3. Let's be young and dumb and just makeout...for a long front of everyone.

2. I need to take a photo for instagram.. and another one.. Do people know I'm at ( Insert Music Festival)?

1. My outfit cost more than my ticket

Happy Festival Season.



Wardrobe Candy: Novella Royale

gabbiebrown Mar 11, 2014

Oh hey BUZZNET! 

Today I wanted to talk about my FAVORITE place and what I'm currently obsessed with, Novella Royale. I was on the hunt for a pair of pants I saw on Pineterest that totally screamed, Gabbie Brown. SURPRISE it was from Novella Royale. I'm so in love with the items that they sell. 

My favorite items happen to be their bell bottoms. They fit perfect on any girl. A lot of the one's that you see in stores are too wide legged and very unflattering. Man, I want to wear these for the rest of my life.


I also love how simple and bad ass their pieces are. Such a great mix of edgy rock and roll boho style. 


So much wardrobe eye candy. You can drool over the rest of their clothes here! I highly suggest taking a peak at their lookbooks. Also, their INSTAGRAM (Holy Cow, So Amazing).



Music Footprint: The Wet Secrets

gabbiebrown Mar 05, 2014

You have a chance to leave a music footprint on the people around you. Everyday I try to share new tunes with the people I surrond myself with and the lovely people who follow me on my twitter and of course on here. The footprint i choose to leave on people changes all the time. My taste is very well rounded.

Today's music footprint I want to sink into your brain is The Wet Secrets. They're from Canada and describe themselves as a five-piece rock'n'roll dance band that plays the kind of music you could expect to hear if The Stranglers piggybacked Herb Alpert  & the Tijuana Brass through the Rose Parade.

This video and song is so outrageous, but orginal, creative and a stand-out tune. Similar to something Prince would create. The video was actually directed by Trevor Anderson, the bands drummer! 

Check the band out on all those good social sites. Also, check them out at SXSW! 

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